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Pulse provides SIS integrations via ClassLink and Clever along with API integrations with other school systems to ensure staff and student data is up-to-date.

Pulse can seamlessly integrate with multiple data sources and provide one, easy to read and use source delivering usable real time insights. Pulse ensures that school staff are not required to be data analysts and so reduces the amount of time spent analyzing data and increases the time spent actioning it.

SSO integrations are available through Microsoft and Google.

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These integrations create minimal administration work for district staff whilst reducing the need for additional usernames and passwords.

Manual SIS integration

In instances where direct integration is not possible, we provide built in administration features within Pulse, to give your team the tools to manage their user details.

Manage users

District administrators can manage transfer of users from one school building to another.

Search for any user

District users can search for any user within Pulse in a quick and time-saving search.

Easily update details

School administrators can update details for their staff list from their own admin menu.

Quick to set up

We require very little information about users, this makes Pulse easy to set up and use.

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