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Survey Reports

With automated survey reminders, you’ll have less to worry about while awaiting completion. Once respondents submit their surveys, Satchel Pulse collates the results in real-time. From there, view results by section or pillar and drill down to the question level for trends and insights.

Image of Satchel Pulse Simplify survey administration
Image of Satchel Pulse Perceptions Custom Survey Creation

Compare Results

Results can be compared with previous surveys, making it easy to see key differences and insights. Additionally, the ability to benchmark school surveys against district data or climate surveys against nationwide responses adds a valuable aspect to analysis.

Image of Satchel Pulse Perceptions Custom Survey Creation

Integrate your SIS

Linking with Clever and Classlink makes creating survey groups from district data effortless. Integration makes it easy to pick who will receive the survey, and automated invites reduce the administrative burden of sending.

Image of Satchel Pulse Perceptions Comprehensive Survey Library

Survey response analysis

Reduce the time to review large volumes of text-based survey data through Satchel Pulse’s automatic, AI-driven sentiment and topic analysis.

Free text response analysis

  • Get an overview of topic area frequency and response sentiment in all free text answers. Quickly see which questions generated a positive, negative, or neutral response.
Satchel Pulse survey response analysis
Satchel Pulse survey frequency

Topic frequency

  • Satchel Pulse highlights the common topics found for each survey question and shows the frequency and associated sentiment for each topic.
Satchel Pulse survey frequency

Topic analysis

  • The details of each topic are shown, including every response that relates to the topic and the sentiment associated with it.
Satchel Pulse survey topic analysis

Success stories

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Hickman Mills C-1 School District

Find out how Satchel Pulse improved the culture and climate to create a supportive learning environment for all.

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Dawson County School District

Find out how Satchel Pulse increased staff participation through a platform that already has the research-supported questions.

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