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We work with schools and districts in over 40 states.

New teacher support from experts

Support their needs as they navigate their first years in the classroom with our new virtual teacher mentoring service.

Our mentorship services are available in a virtual setting.

We offer support in filling in the gaps left after college.

We provide the resources to help develop teaching abilities.

How it works

By Your Side provides mentoring and support, without impacting your resources.


Professional Development

Monthly live virtual sessions focused on key challenges new teachers face at different points in the school year.

Evergreen Help Guides

New teachers can benefit from advice and guidance encompassing a broad range of topics: classroom management, avoidant behaviors, special education, and more.


Short video blogs will be available for teachers to learn helpful hints and hacks ranging from 15 seconds to 5 minutes.

Discussion Board

A new teacher discussion board will give new teachers an opportunity to support one another, connect, and swap resources.

Live Chat

New teachers will have access to their mentor via live support where they can ask for tips, resources or even just vent.


Teachers can record a 15-minute lesson to submit to their mentors for 1:1 concrete feedback before evaluative school observations.


Success story

Case study
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Cranston School District

We truly appreciate the work you and your team have done for us and how receptive you've been to feedback and ideas that we've had. It speaks volumes to Satchel Pulse's "philosophy of care" in working with customers.

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